International Market Development
Performance Driven
New Business Creation
Global Perspective with a Local Touch
Ready to roll our sleeves
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  • International Market Development
  • Performance Driven
  • New Business Creation
  • Global Perspective with a Local Touch
  • Ready to roll our sleeves
  • Project Management
    Certified Professional Project Manager (CPPM) and Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)
  • Kaizen Events
    Strong experience in Continuous Improvement and Process Re-engineering
  • Financial Modeling
    Extensive use of simulation and Crystal Ball based scenarios, including Real Options
  • Strategic Planning
    Framework Agnostic. Hypothesis driven analysis with latest data analysis tools (Tableau)
  • Technology Validation
    Rigorous Stage Gate and dynamic Market Based techno-economic modeling
  • Business Development
    Organic and Corporate Development growth projects with high levels of uncertainty
Kaizen Events
Project Management
Strategic Planning
Business Development
Technology Validation
Financial Modeling
  • Your satisfaction entirely drives our success and credibility. AENOVUS is always focused on delivering results that exceed your expectations, one project at a time.
    Transitions, turnarounds and startups are some of unique experiences. We leverage knowledge from multiple industries and geographies to accelerate implementation and minimize risks.
    When speed and the utmost confidentiality are required, an Interim-Management likely can provide the best structure and best leverage your current team capabilities.
    Based on contract terms, your business is hiring an individual with proven capabilities and knowledge. As opposed to an organization that might not necessarily bring an independent drive for delivering results, or a staff person that must report to their own employer.
  • Decision Trees and statistical analysis to evaluate multiple competing alternatives. These might include sensitivity analysis and Real Options valuation.
    From Kaizen events for rapid process improvements to ERP implementations and quality improvement efforts, AENOVUS can help improve productivity and reduce waste.
    Our focus is on the intersection of technology and market validation for new ventures. Either organic or acquisition driven, business growth is our passion and commitment
    Financial valuations and proforma analysis based on custom modeling and Monte Carlo simulations. Projections of cash flows and project finance analysis.

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  • Let's talk about our fast and punctual methods for strategy and business development. Our Venture Integration approach delivers quantifiable results at the speed that others can only dream about.
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"I've had the pleasure of knowing Manuel for nearly ten years. He was referred to me as a CEO candidate for a company my investor group was attempting to purchase. Although we were unsuccessful in our acquisition attempt, Manuel impressed us so much that we literally attempted to find a company to purchase so that we could recruit him to our investor group. Unfortunately for us, he pursued another opportunity. I am very hesitant to personally endorse any individual as it can affect my reputation as well. However, in Manuel's case, I can unhesitatingly state that he is one of the best qualified C-level prospects I've known in my 30 plus year career."

George Andrews, Managing Principal, Celadon Managed Wealth
"Manuel was truly a visionary within a global company such as Cargill. He saw the trends of the future and was able to convince or lead the leadership team of Cargill Animal Nutrition to see the benefits of investing in the Aquaculture area. He furthermore was able to see the weaknesses and strengths of a corporate culture that needed a new infusion of ideas and business practices. The most impressive thing about Manuel was his ability to influence an organization of such depth, breath and magnitude to consider moving/investing in a direction completely different than it had in the previous 100 years. Once convinced, he oversaw and directed the acquisition and implementation of a small company into the huge organization of Cargill. A talent that should never be overlooked or assumed during an acquisition."

Robert Burris, President, Burris Trucking & Property Management
"Manuel has broad business experience combined with a technical background and well honed analytical skills. This allows him to rapidly define business strategies in emerging markets where information is often lacking. He can rapidly identify in a multitude of complex, and often contradictory information, key aspects and provide the team clear and unifying directions. I greatly enjoyed working with him in the definition of technical solutions for waste biomass market we were exploring.

Luca Zullo, VP of Business Development, Grenyug